Sign Painters: The Documentary

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We stumbled upon this today, and were instantly captivated. Sign Painters is a new documentary coming out from Faythe Levine & Sam Macon. It glimpses and dives into the sign painting profession and the people who have given dedicated their lives to this profession. The film features some of the greatest names you've probably never heard of from a profession that largely goes unnoticed. This is gonna be a dandy. Check out more details about the film (and the companion book being released by Princeton Architectural Press) on the Sign Painters movie site.



This is worth studying and reflecting upon. The artistry of lettering has largely been replaced with the immediacy of typed lettering that is so ugly in much of our digital world. We say ahh at the overall design of something online, a visceral immediate connection, but the closer we look, the less there is to see. In the old time sign painter's world, the closer you looked, you saw God. I have web builders chastise me daily saying "are you a print guy or something?" Yes, I am. EVERYTHING YOU do must be beautiful. And I'm never satisfied.

I'm a sound / visual artist and have been a past sign painter since the wave of the 60's .

It would be nice for people to see the labor , & visionary artistry of design that goes into the old school signage trade but as stated many times the machined industrialized syndicated corporation has replaced man's thought of what is the style of our times ... mass speed , cost / profit and universal monotonous amnesic imagination .

Shining individualism has been taken over by the cookie cutters .

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