What St. Louis Learned Last Year - @90DegreesWest Surprises Us All with an Incredible Work of Art

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Last night, we heard the *ding* of the Egotist inbox after 5 o'clock and involuntarily twitched after yet another harried day of balancing real world professions with promotion of the best creative work in St. Louis. Instead of looking to see what new submission, job posting or one-thousandth SEO professional looking to help us optimize had just arrived, we shut shit down and unplugged for a much needed break.

Had we investigated what lived in our inbox instead of waving the flag, we would've received a much needed boost of delight and energy. Well, we're happy to say that we instead got it today, and in conjunction with the sunlight and warming temperatures, we're as giddy as school girls huffing wood glue.


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At the end of last year the St. Louis Egotist asked some of the most respected creative visionaries in St. Louis to create a piece, entitled “What I Learned This Year.” The result was an invaluable onslaught of experience, vision and “Great thinking from St. Louis best thinkers."

So, when the brightest crayons in the St. Louis box take time to share their mistakes, triumphs and random learnings about dogs who eat their own poop... you bet your creative asses we listened. Looking to shamelessly leech every drop of knowledge, we scoured every article and came to the realization, “There is some seriously good shit here.” So we took a few of our favorite (visually agreeable) quotes and put them together in a piece that even an industry full of adults with ADHD can sit through.

That's right. We had exactly zero idea that this was happening, which made it that much better. Had we known what was going on beforehand or if 90 Degrees had sought our input, we would've most likely fucked up a completely wonderfully, incredible artistic labour of love for the community in showcasing the knowledge that we have collectively been able to share and receive.

We had the idea of writing our own "What We Learned" after everything else had been posted but never got around to it because of an insane amount of real-world pressures clouding our "stop & think" time. Well, we'd like to personally thank 90 Degrees West for picking up where we left off and making a substantial piece of creativity and insight for everyone to share and view; we can think of no better way to tell you all what we learned than by reiterating some of the best words of advice from "the brightest crayons in the St. Louis box".

(We know we're gushing but since it's our "stage" and "awards show" - shut up and scroll on...)

We don't even need to mention how amazing this "shit" is - it resonates excellence and dedication to craft. Every single quote-frame could be a work of art in it's own right. The voice-over talent is perfect. Everything is better than we could have ever done.

We love what Creative Lead, Kurt Simpson told us in the unseen (until today) email:

"To the Egotist:
You inspired us. We believe strongly in admiration, respect and collaboration instead of rivalry. If anyone is doing good work in St. Louis the whole community benefits. This is why we love the “What I Learned This Year” editorials so much. It has the spirit of collaboration we love to see; we can all learn something from one another.

In the days following the St. Louis ADDY week, a week of events focused on sharing knowledge and experience, we thought a video showcasing some of our favorite quotes and promoting the St. Louis community as a whole was appropriate.

We hope you like it.

Oh, we do. We really do.

Be sure to check out their What St. Louis Learned site.
Read every "What I Learned This Year" here.

Scott Whiteaker: Editor, Executive Creative Director, Animator
Mark Bartels: Audio, Music Composition
Alex Deaton: Animation, Design
Lauren Ratcliff: Stop Motion, Animation, Design, Set Design
Chad Moseley: Animation, Design
Vlad Sarkisov: 3D Animation, Design
Scott Conger: Editor, Photographer, Animation
Kurt Simpson: Creative Lead, Set Design, Director/DP

Special Thanks to:
Pete Stacker: For all of your contributions and passion.
Parker Gibson: Styleframe Design (Honesty Breeds Progress)
Grant Hoki: Styleframe Design (We Love this Shit)
Brant Hadfield: Motion Control Rig
Matt Cibulka: Stage Manager, Assistant, Web Design


FYI - We're keeping this anchored at the top of the news feed thru the weekend.

This is huge. Fantastic way to showcase their talent, art and design chops, and post mastery.

Best screen experience I've had all month.

As Tuco Salamanca so eloquently put it, that's "Tight, Tight, Tight!"

Incredible work.


Hot. Damn. I mean, HOT DAMN!

Rich, imaginative and beautifully produced. Great work, 90-degree'ers!

Really cool. Proud that your work is making my hometown shine.

Great idea and beautiful work!

This is really gorgeous and slick. So glad to see such fantastic motion work! Well done!

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