The @rukuspost Magicians Make Products Disappear & Reappear Before Your Very Eyes

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Pretty cool before & after video from the Rukus gents showcasing their ability to swap out a product in post production. We also dig the scene by scene breakdown after the side by side comparison even though they utilized the cancer of music, dub-step.

A few months a ago, one of our clients, Leo Burnett, asked us if we were up for a challenge. Without hearing what the challenge was, we said yes.

Leo Burnett produced a spot for a P&G (Procter and Gamble) product called Ariel Excel Liquitabs. After the spot was completely finished, P&G wanted to use this Ariel TV spot for another product called Ace Pods (Tide). They had two options, re-shoot/re-edit the entire spot with the new product or 'fix it in post'. They decided to have us replace the product in every scene where the Ariel product was present.

The only element we were given was a QuickTime file of the original finished spot and a sample of the actual product for reference. Instead of explaining all of the technical detail, here's a video that shows the before, after and the process in between. The music and sound design for this piece was custom made in our new audio suite by Gabe Doiron.

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Is "cancer of music" the band name?

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