More St. Louis Design Please

I had high hopes when this site launched, but as the days past, I see less St. Louis Design, fewer comments, less interest.

I know I am speaking from a skewed perspective, but as a designer from St. Louis, all I really care to "see" is St. Louis Design on the St. Louis Egotist.

I really dont care who moderates or who wants to heckle and complain. I just want to see good design done by good St. Louis Designers.

Living in St. Louis for my entire life, and my entire professional life, it was frustrating that there wasnt more of a design community. Let's face it, AIGA isnt all it could be and the same with the Ad club. Designers, in my opinion, would benefit and participate in a forum that featured local design.




Hi Kerry,

We hear you loud and clear. But we said from the very beginning that this needs to be a collaborative effort with everyone in St. Louis. This week and next week are going to be content-light weeks for The St. Louis Egotist as we have a number of things we are working on.

Too many people seem to assume the content can only come from those that have been helping thus far. That is absolutely not the case. We encourage anyone to submit local news to us and we are trying to build a list of contributors to write editorials and interview other St. Louis area professionals.

Any individual member that wants more out of this could first look at themselves and see if they are willing to put in some time to find some of the information they are hoping to see, and then share that info with us so we can post it to the community (we'll give you credit).

So we're sorry for the lack of pure St. Louis content lately, we're doing our best to juggle multiple things and create more of the content you're looking for.

Great. Good information. I hope that people will start providing some good stuff. I will start considering my options now.


I love this city, good and bad, but anyone who has ever been involved with any local creative organization or initiative knows it's a big challenge. My colleagues and former students who live in more vibrant and largely populated cities don't have the same issues. Even smaller tier cities with great design-focused university programs nearby can make us look bad sometimes.

It's got to be the young kids that build the momentum and keep it going. Not that us old guys can't - but priorities simply change.

I wish I had the time to contribute as much as I would like to sites like this. I have lots of ideas and great things to share. It doesn't mean I'm any less engaged. I hope this is true for others out there...

I sent out a few emails to designers and vendors yesterday to prompt them to contribute. Hopefully everyone will continue to build the momentum.

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