What Can Creatives Do on a Wednesday Night in the Summer?


By kenrearley / / In a similar vein of yesterday’s post about open studios last night, we find ourselves wanting to share some of the fun activities that happen on a Wednesday night in St. Louis. We know some of you recent transplants still find that St. Louis just isn’t your type of town and it’s not as cool as LA, SF, NY, AUS, BOU, DEN, ATL, blah blah blah and that’s just straight up not true. We’ve always said, while STL may not be a great place to visit, it can be a great place to live. Here are three reasons that occur every Wednesday in the summer: 1. Jazz in the Park – While officially it’s called the Whitaker Music Festival, you will find no one refer to it by that name ever. The Gardens are an awesome locale where you can go for free with your own cooler full of whatever you want. And while the music tends to be more Neue Jazz than anything, it’s still a great vibe to explore one of the jewels of St. Louis with a slight buzz. 2. Dollar Bin – After Jazz in the Park, head over to Atomic Cowboy for Dollar Bin Wednesdays. You will be knee deep in sweaty hipster kids bobbing heads to guys playing mp3’s on their computer (They use the term DJ rather loosely these days, don’t they?) but bottled beer will only be a dollar. Atomic is a nice bar (that regularly displays local art) with a large patio in the back where you can pow-wow with your posse or meet new people. 3. City Diner, Courtesy Diner, Eat Rite, Tiffany’s. If you don’t know where these are, just ask someone and they will point you in the right direction. You need grease before you sleep if you hit up both of these. Trust us. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with Botanical Gardens, Atomic Cowboy, or any of the greasy spoons that we mentioned. But yes, we are affiliated with fun.