An Ad So Bad, It Might Be Good


By kenrearley / / If you’ve seen the new Trojan Vibrations TV commercial, you know what we’re talking about. It’s bad. Poor concept, acting and writing, and it’s difficult to watch with any family members in the same room. It’s even a notch below a 5-Hour Energy drink commercial. But is it designed to be so terribly bad that it’s actually good? Giving credit where it’s due, the ad is very effective in being memorable and demanding attention. Although, so too would a monkey flinging poop on a wall and calling it art, as long as it had the same amount of media dollars. The microsite associated with the campaign isn’t nearly as bad. It’s also so full of detailed sexual information, any curious adolescent boy has probably already discovered and digested every morsel of this campaign The question is, if you helped design, shoot or write this, do you put it in your book. If so, how do you explain the strategy to prospective employer? How low can you go?