“Still Can’t Dance” – Sleepy Soul Music Video Directed by Dustin Carter


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Official music video for Sleepy Soul’s debut single, “Still Can’t Dance”. Directed by Dustin Carter and shot by Mike Dalton – collectively “Stolen Sun”.



“I’ve always wanted to write a dance song. I love the way the singer paints an image of the idyllic night between two impassioned dancers: the heat, the lights, the finess, the exactness and cool smolder of every move. The only issue is I’m 6’ 2”, lanky, and white as hell. If I have 2+ drinks in my system and am at a wedding, I might actually not look too out of place; but in just about every other arena, I’m useless as a dancer. No finesse. No precision. Thus, Still Can’t Dance was birthed. In the lyrics, I paint the ideal scene of a couple’s locked eyes from across the hazy yet electrified dance floor (a lot of which is drawn from my favorite Earth Wind and Fire/Michael Jackson/Bee Gees lyrics). The counterpart makes their way through the crowded dance floor, only to find that the narrator (definitely me, I won’t speak for Nick), cannot dance whatsoever – the proof is in the music video. Anyway, the message behind the song is that you don’t have to be able to dance well, just go out in confidence and enjoy yourself. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that truly matters.”



“We knew from the very beginning that we wanted the music video to have a 90’s aesthetic.

While listening to Sleepy Soul’s, “Still Can’t Dance”, I found myself connecting with the idea of facing obstacles. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past the idea of someone not being able to dance. I mean, it is right there in the lyrics, so might as well embrace it. But, as I began to shape that idea, it became a matter of deciding whether the obstacles in the way of being able to dance were physical or mental.

The lyrics to “Still Can’t Dance” tell a linear story. Because of this, I wanted to create a video that complemented the story rather than just a bunch of cool visuals or an artist performance. I wanted a simple storyline, so the classic boy chases girl fit the bill.

Finding the right tone for a music video is key. The sound of Sleepy Soul seems lost in time, in an era you can’t place, so it seemed perfect to place the story in the past, as if it were a memory. Growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s gave me my inspiration, and automatically, I remembered to how it felt to be at a middle school dance. The awkwardness of dancing (attempting to dance) with your early-teen friends, streamers trying their hardest to decorate the basketball gym, the unnecessary smoke machines, and of course the perfectly embarrassing wardrobe. All of these memories came together to shape the style and tone we would set out to achieve.

With the script flushed out it was time to make something. Mike Dalton (D.P. / other half of Stolen Sun) and I put together a shot-list of our must have shots, but also allotted some time to experiment and discover some new shots. We were lucky to have a super talented cast and crew push the vision forward throughout our two days of shooting.

I’ve never directed anyone this young before, so I was excited to take on a new challenge. It was awesome to see what these young actors/actress brought to this project. They just blew us away with their performances.

Collaborating with Sleepy Soul on this video has been such an incredible experience. Their music doesn’t need a video to make it stand out – It standouts all on it’s own – but I’ll definitely take advantage of a great song to make cool video.”

CREDITS: Director // Dustin Carter DP // Mike Dalton Editor // Samuele Baiamonte AD // Casey Nation Producer // Taylor Dalton 1st AC // Jesse Bader 2nd AC // Nick Wallace Gaffer // Ethan Waddell Key Grip // Jordann Savador BBG // Makayla Hufziger Stylist // Emily Pfeiffer Grip // TJ Wille Grip // Kane Katubig Grip // Sean Nielsen Crafty // Barb Rogers PA // Cameron Cook


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