“You Hold the Power” – @Spectracide Spot for @RodgersTownsend by @BrutonStroube


By lauradud84 / / Have you ever seen a lawn care commercial that feels like a short film? That’s exactly what Bruton Stroube was brought in to deliver in this really well done, quirky, highly stylized spot for Spectracide. Cheers to Rodgers Townsend for continuing the weirdness in their ongoing work with the weed killer and delivering ideas that bring 60 second commercials closer to an art form. Here’s what Director Tim Wilson of Bruton had to say about the project: “From the beginning, Rodgers Townsend brought up the idea of using high-speed motion control— and of course, we were on board. We spent a lot of time collaborating and came up with a way to incorporate these dynamic, high-speed visuals and contrast them with the static, comedic moments.” “Through extensive styling and art direction we created the whimsical world that our lead character (Mr. Prim) lives in. For the first half of the spot, we wanted the audience to see the world from Mr. Prim’s perspective. We used vintage anamorphic lenses to make it feel like we were in a 1970s spy movie. The dramatic tone comes to a climax just before the neighbor walks by, at which point the fantasy drops away to reveal the real world outside of Mr. Prim’s bubble. We shot this scene on spherical glass with very static, straightforward camera angles to create the stark contrast between the real world and Mr. Prim’s world. All of this was in service of paying off the awkward, comedic moment between the two characters.” Credits: Agency: Rodgers Townsend Studio: Bruton Stroube Director: Tim Wilson DP: James McKenzie AC: Mike Dalton