“St. Louis Rises” – Documentary Short by Andrew Litten is a Long Time Coming


By lauradud84 / / Let’s take a look back to 2016 when we featured a surprisingly-on-point branded video from Church’s Chicken. We had to figure out what was going on behind the scenes of this piece and who was responsible. Enter Andrew Litten & St. Louis Rises. Shortly after featuring the Church’s Chicken video/series, we stumbled upon a longer piece devoid of the chicken chain’s presence. The themes and interviews touched upon in the shorter piece were given a more complete look and edit. Here’s what Andrew had to say back in 2016: “The Church’s video is what brought us to your wonderful city, but while we were doing our research we realized that there was a much bigger story at hand than what we had been asked to cover. We found that basically all STL/Ferguson residents had a negative experience with racism and the socio-economic divides in the region. We wanted to essentially get those stories out in the open, and then provide solutions from other residents on how to conquer and move forward.” “Another large sub-plot to the doc became the real story and real feelings regarding Mike Brown (as told in act one of the doc). The media’s treatment of Ferguson really bothered us and their residents, so we wanted to address that as well. Bottom line: the film is meant to start difficult, yet necessary conversations that have to be had with our peers of different cultures, races, nationalities etc. It’s unfortunate, but I think a lot of parallels can be drawn between what happened in STL and what’s happening now in our nation.” Unfortunately we weren’t able to share the piece at the time as it quickly started to pull in a bit more traffic than the Church’s series and was yanked off of Vimeo. Thankfully, enough time has now passed allowing us to FINALLY bring you one of our favorite documentary shorts about St. Louis. Here’s what Andrew had to share with us after the fact: “Now that we’ve had almost a year to reflect on St. Louis Rises before releasing, I think our piece has taken the shape of a more timeless message. Your amazing city seems to be a role model for how to cope and find common ground amongst major social issues, and showcasing how every resident truly does have a voice. Myself and the crew were extremely honored to have these tough, yet breakthrough conversations with those who have the resiliency of STL running through their veins.” Thank you Andrew. Read more about the project on Directors Notes. St. Louis Rises was an Official Selection at the St. Louis International Film Festival. Credits Directed by Andrew Litten Executive Producer: David Kwon Kim Producer: Brandon Smith Content Producer: Gavin Guidry Cinematographer: Kristian Zuniga First AC: Daniel Guadalupe Sound Operator: Richard Adams Production Assistant: Noah Baumann Original Music: Vonavi (vonavimusic.com) Editor: Andrew Litten Sound Design: Richard Adams Color: Derek Hansen @ The Mill Color Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson Color Producers: Diane Valera & Robert Cohen Thanks to Carol Klein, Paint for Peace, Ace Allen, Jon Alexander, Gentlemen of Vision, Mission St. Louis, Josh Wilson, Jason Watson, Dwayne Ingram, Marcellus Buckley, Melissa Fitzgerald, Ray Baumann, Gabs Lozano, Lockerdome, The Mission Thrift Store, Rachel Witt, South Grand District, St. Louis Children’s Hospital @ BJC Healthcare, Kat Touschner, STL Film Festival, Miranda Tiano, David Gutlay, Jon Chester, Mike Brown Sr and the wonderful residents of St. Louis and Ferguson who made this possible.