Now Hiring Locally: Creative Director – @Paracreative


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The most talented creatives usually end up as creative directors. But not every creative director has the emotional intelligence to realize that their creative talent is only half the gig. The best CDs understand that their job is a big paradox. They have to shape the work without getting so heavy-handed they kill independent thinking and team morale.They have to maintain a clear, high-level creative vision, without losing attention to the details of execution.They have to bring out the best in their team, but be willing to hop on the boards and pitch in with ideas, writing or design that is good enough to remind everyone how they became CD in the first place. They have to know when to kill great ideas that just aren’t right. And they have to know how to nurse frail ideas to health, when those ideas have the potential to be great and right. If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk. We’re looking for a CD to lead an incredibly talented team of writers, art directors, and filmmakers, and help us refine our growing content department.

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