A Shithole Response Campaign


By lauradud84 / /

A Haiti-based ad agency, Parkour Studio, needs your help making the president wake up to a bunch of shithole billboards every day.

Founded by Haitian native and former Victors & Spoils ACD Fabien Dodard, Parkour created an OOH campaign in response to the president’s comments, and this GoFundMe page to raise money to run the campaign in D.C. That’s where you come in.

They’ve also drafted a letter to the president thanking him for all the free press which they’d like to run in a DC or national newspaper if they could. (It’s way more expensive than you’d think.)

Check out some of the work below and give what you can. Because when it comes to making the president eat his words, and promoting how awesome Haiti and its proud people really are, no contribution is too shitty.

Photos: Verdy Verna