“Turning Corners” – @TonyHawk Collaborates with @Mini to Improve Local Skate Park


By lauradud84 / / Here’s a great project and video of Tony Hawk & Mini coming together to help fund the improvement and expansion of the Skate Garden in the Bevo Mill area. Produced by Tony’s production company, 900 Films, it highlights local skate figure Bryan Bedwell giving a brief overview of what’s currently taking place in the city before touring his own project Sk8 Liborius. It’s definitely worth the entire watch, despite some clunky Mini brand references; it’s almost as if the company representatives are in on the joke and having a great time. Great work by all – one of the coolest pieces we’ve seen representing STL this year.

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  1. Anonymous December 12, 2017

    This is awesome. We just
    This is awesome. We just shot scenes from our feature film The Ghost Who Walks at the featured St. Liborious church just last week.