’14th & Clark’ – @StLouisBlues Latest Spot is Actually for Scottrade Center


By lauradud84 / / This had the makings of being a successful tug on the heart strings of the hockey nation, that instead it turned into an overlong infomercial about Scottrade. Some of the more questionable things that stick out to us in this spot: – 14th & Clark is the epicenter of sport & entertainment in St. Louis? – The first 60 seconds of this spot is great. It’s nice to revisit the history of the Blues. – When they get into concert & entertainment stuff at 1:08, we fail to see how this relates to Brett Hull or the St. Louis Blues (under whose account this was posted) – 1:33 Aaaannnnd now back to the Blues. And then back to concerts and the Pope. – More shots of Brett Hull looking around misty-eyed please… What could have been a 2-minute tour de force of hockey history that left us all wanting to bleed blue, we’ve got what feels like a standard Explore St. Louis spot trying to take the all-things-for-all-crowds approach. This would’ve been much more successful broken up into two spots, one focusing hard on the Blues and what’s to come in the new season, and one focusing on the concerts and entertainment that Scottrade provides as a venue.