New ‘St. Louis Made’ Episodes Focus on Music and Shaping the City – @OfficialVess & @ChillSeason


By lauradud84 / / The DIY-focused video series focusing on St. Louis creatives in all areas continues with two new episodes – one covering “Music” and the latest episode on “Shaping the City.” Admittedly, this series is starting to lose us a bit with the last few episodes. Aside from waning production quality, it feels like a very limited view of the talent that St. Louis has to offer today. For example, the most recent episode starts with focusing on a creative collective that had their farewell party over 4 years ago. With the intention the series originally had planned, we were hoping for a fresh take on the current climate of the city and contemporary vanguards that are making waves now. Some of this is touched upon with Byrd & Barrel and Mvstermind, but the other interviews have, so far, left us pretty puzzled as to their inclusion. Watch Episode One: Food Watch Episode Two: Fashion