“Neighborhoods of St. Louis” Visits South Grand – @GrainForAll


By lauradud84 / / At the beginning of the year, Grain announced a new web-series they were developing called Neighborhoods of St. Louis. The intent of the series was initially to “give a detailed picture of the life that drives St. Louis,” an idea we loved from the get go. But with their third episode in the series, it appears that the main emphasis is visiting resturaunts and giving pedestrian insight on food dishes. On one hand, we’re happy that there is something resembling a VICE series covering the neighborhoods and hot spots of the city. On the other hand, we’re not sure what the series is adding to the conversation or how it’s creating attention outside of St. Louis. It feels like they’re trying to position John Pa (Owner of Grain) as some sort of personality for a bigger endeavor, but there’s much to be learned from the natural charisma of an Anthony Bourdain or Action Bronson. Here’s the previous episode featuring the Lafayette Square area. There was a better breakdown of neighborhood history versus food in this feature. Still the best branded content effort we’ve seen yet is the beautiful Church’s Loves St. Louis video from last year. Watch it again.