Total Eclipse of the Art – A @Tokybd Poster Series


By lauradud84 / / Even us cynical bastards enjoyed the total solar eclipse yesterday. The good folks at Toky were so stoked that they decided to create a poster series to celebrate the rare event: With the path of totality just a short drive from TOKY’s St. Louis office, we decided to mark this momentous occasion… with design. Inspired by everything from ancient myths to science textbook charts and mid-flight brainstorms, the team created a series of posters celebrating The Great American Eclipse. No eye protection required. Here’s a few of our our favorites. You can view all of them here. by Ashford Stamper “I’ve always been a fan of science textbook diagrams and charts. They have a way of distilling a complicated idea down to its simplest explanation.” by Rob Hutti “I had a lot of great ideas for this poster, but not enough actual talent to execute them. So, in flight from Vancouver to Toronto, I comped up this poster. Playing on the idea of the corona visible at totality, I wanted to juxtapose lights and darks in a sparingly cool way. I also wanted gridded type that was broken up in an interesting way to represent the movement of the eclipse across the Earth. In the end, I just wanted to make something kinda cool.” eclipsem by Rob Hutti “I wanted to make a poster that could not only be held proudly during the event but left behind at landmarks to commemorate the moment. By using a stencil typeface, we could die-cut the poster allowing for the sunshine, or lack-there-of, to be shown through. Using varying weights per line, I mimic the casting of light from the eclipse. An enterprising person could use this as a stencil for street art, or creative kids could use it on their driveway.”