New Editorial: Creativity in Advertising Isn’t Dead, It’s in Data – Brad Gutting @bgutting >>


By lauradud84 / / Brad Gutting has written some interesting editorials and thoughtful comments for us over the years. As he’s moved out of the agency world and over to this small startup called Amazon, he’s developed an appreciation for how creativity is changing in advertising and marketing. His latest editorial is a long read , but well worth it for anyone interested in what’s currently happening with creativity in advertising these days. Brad summarized it pretty perfectly in our last email before publishing this piece: “The thing that keeps occurring to me is that while lots of things are changing in commercial interactions, the core tenets of human behavior are largely the same: people want things, and they want them faster and cheaper.” “…People in advertising are always saying, and always being told, that everything about the industry is changing. This has been going on for 20 years, I’d estimate. At least since the first banner ad in the late 1990s.” “But creativity itself hasn’t changed. So it’s almost like… everything will always be changing, and the answer to that is always to be more creative.” Read his very interesting editorial now.