Introducing @xyz_type – A New Digital Type Foundry from @BenKiel & @JesseRagan


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XYZ Type, a new independent digital type foundry, launched this month. The partners in the venture, typeface designers Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan, now distribute the their fonts directly to the retail market through an online storefront at, for desktop, web, and app use. Free trial versions of the typefaces are also available for immediate download, for use in client pitches and student projects. The foundry’s initial offering of products includes two new type families, Aglet Slab and Export, as well as the previously-released Cortado. Kiel and Ragan focus on designing and distributing typefaces that are conceptually interesting, clever, and impeccable crafted. Above all, their typefaces are designed to fulfill specific needs of customers who design branding, advertising, websites, apps, and other media. Kiel works from the company headquarters in Saint Louis, collaborating long-distance with Ragan, who works in Brooklyn, NY. The two have worked independently for years on retail typefaces and custom commissions, and on freelance projects for other type foundries. After collaborating on several projects in recent years—including Cortado, which they released independently in 2014—they chose to formalize their partnership with this new venture. Each of the partners was previously employed by one of the world’s most esteemed type foundries. Kiel was instrumental in creating the Photo-Lettering service at House Industries, and Ragan contributed to the designs of Gotham and Archer while working at Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Helluva way to introduce your new type foundry. Beautiful, gorgeous site that displays their wok better than any other foundry’s site we’ve ever seen. So much so that it received a (much deserved) CommArts WebPick already. Congratulations to Ben & Jesse. Little bit of history here: although we’re not aware of any other modern type foundries in St. Louis, we were once host to what was the most successful type foundry of it’s day – Inland Type Foundry.

  1. Brad Gutting June 21, 2017

    This is huge for the St.
    This is huge for the St. Louis creative community. Those are fantastic typefaces, and it’s a damn good site. Finding useful and usable digital fonts is really hard, and why most digital typography is lacking.