#ShitToHit TONIGHT: ‘1 Mile to You’ Free Premier at Tivoli


By lauradud84 / / David Johnson, President of Coolfire Studios, sent us a note about a passion project he’s been working on for longer than a lot of you have been in the industry. To give you a little background on the film, before I moved to St. Louis in 2005, I lived in Santa Monica, CA for many years as a producer of feature films. Around 2000 (or maybe early 2001), Screenwriter Mark Novak, my former business partner Scott Alvarez, and I had optioned a book called ‘Life At These Speeds’ from the writer Jeremy Jackson who is from Des Moines. Mark adapted the book into a screenplay and we tried for several years to get it made. When I moved to St. Louis to join Coolfire, Scott and Mark continued to push forward with the film. And last year, after 16 years in the making, they finally got it made. It turned out great and it’s a chance for me to see a project that I worked on from inception come full circle. So I’ve rented out the Tivoli Theater and am hosting a FREE premiere next Tuesday night. The theater holds 440 and I’m already at about 358 RSVPS so space is running out. This is a pretty awesome (and generous) story and event for a local peer of ours to have – we encourage anyone that can to get out and fill up the rest of the theater for a big STL show of support. Get your tickets here. Can’t make it out? Rent it here.