Cinco de Mayo Poster – @NoahMacmillan


By lauradud84 / / The Mexican holiday that is mostly only celebrated in the U.S. is being celebrated once more tomorrow on Cherokee Street. Each year it continues to morph into it’s own celebration of Latino culture far removed from the original meaning, which is totally cool. On Cherokee Street, it is a chance for Latinos to dominate the street with food, art and music while intermixed with healthy doses of American attractions and music. Local illustrator Noah MacMillan was tasked with creating the design for the poster this year and we think he did an incredible job. Take a peek. The basic idea for the poster started with imagining Cherokee street and Cherokee street Cinco De Mayo as it’s own self contained planet, which quickly evolved into and endless street that goes back and forth over itself. I was looking at MC Escher and Monument Valley for some examples of how to make that work visually. Cinco de Mayo starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow. RSVP on Facebook. It basically comes down to drawing everything on an isometric grid and using shading or gradients to suggest depth, and then purposely breaking the implied depth. I tried to reinforce that by drawing the type on the same angled grid, and having it twist and turn mid word to keep with the weirdness of the space. Finally I drew buildings, a parade, street vendors and performers walking in all directions.