STL Portfolio Night – Next Tuesday @Atomicdust


By lauradud84 / / It’s that time of year again… the time when young, hopeful creatives look for work after completing four years of servitude to obtain an irrelevant degree from a failing university. Next week, a local ad organization that facilitates shitty editorials is pairing together with Atomicdust to host a portfolio night for young creatives. Come and get your work surveyed by people with actual jobs and agencies, stay for the beer (hopefully) and networking (is it still called that?). Keeping in line with all AdClub events, you have to buy tickets here. On April 25, AD2STL, Ad Club, and Atomicdust will be hosting a Portfolio Review for students and young professionals to show and discuss their book with industry veterans from a variety of St. Louis agencies. No matter if you have work to show, this event is a great opportunity to make connections, get valuable critiques and discover ways to make your book stand out above the rest.


  1. The St. Louis Egotist April 21, 2017

    More Info:
    Food and Beer will

    More Info:
    Food and Beer will be provided with the $5 member or $10 non-member registration.

    This event is open to all students as a networking event, so it’s not just for those that are aspiring to be designers or writers.

    Students and young professionals are encouraged to bring portfolios, resumes, or any assets they will be using to land a job in advertising, marketing or communication.