Local Copywriter Becomes Onscreen Talent for Female Condom Company @FC2USA


By lauradud84 / / Amanda Burch, a senior copywriter at New Honor Society, transcended the normally inaccessible barrier from script to screen in order to star in a long-form commercial for a female condom brand that she also wrote. It’s a pretty incredibly opportunity – surely more than one copywriter has envisioned acting out the words they’ve written for themselves – and takes much more than balls to bare herself in front of the camera, but there is something that is just a little tonally off compared to a professional actor. Regardless, it’s making the industry rounds; complete with an AdWeek write-up. Congratulations to Amanda for making the long leap from writer to actor. CREDITS Client – Veru Healthcare Brian J Groch, Chief Commercial Officer Catherine Boland, Marketing Manager Agency – New Honor Society Chief Creative Officer – Heidi Singleton President – Holly Aguirre Creative Director – Matt Glarner Executive Producer – Derek Burr Art Director – Rebecca Wulf and Brenna Vaughan Copywriter/Actor – Amanda Burch Account Director – Tracee Champa Account Supervisor – Rimante Ivoskaite Production Company – Bad Dog Pictures Postproduction Company – Coolfire Studios


  1. Anonymous April 11, 2017

    “But there is something that
    “But there is something that is just a little tonally off compared to a professional actor.”

    Please elaborate.

  2. Anonymous April 12, 2017

    I thought it was great. Love
    I thought it was great. Love the writing. And it was a fun performance. The fact that she’s not a professional actress gave it charm. But I didn’t realize that copywriters are supposed to aspire to become actors. Did I miss something along the way?

  3. Anonymous April 15, 2017

    Where the hell is the grip,
    Where the hell is the grip, gaffer, mixer, sound editor, stylist, voice coach, etc.? you get paid for that? fuckin’ hilarious people.