Custom @Cardinals @Budweiser Can – @AdamKoonDesign


By lauradud84 / / When it comes to can redesigns, Budweiser has been on winning streak lately; opting for classic designs and branding over trying to rethink the bowtie as in years past. This year, they decided to take a page from Bud Light’s NFL logos handbook and redesign the can for MLB teams. The result is a mixed bag of designs, but we’re pretty fond of the Cardinals design cooked up by Adam Koon. Recently I was asked by Budweiser and the MLB to create a can design that represents The Cardinals, St. louis and Budweiser. This will be sold in stores and featured as a product you can buy at the Cardinals ball park. I experimented with several designs to find the best one to stand out as a prominent feature on the can and can work with a limited color pallet. We think it’s a great look for a redesigned can for the current season. It doesn’t necessarily have a timelessness aspect to it to carry on beyond the current year (and as some have mentioned, the cardinal depicted is similar to a meme called ‘dickbutt’) but the brief most likely only called for a seasonal design for opening day. It could be a nice annual tradition to feature local artists like this every year if Budweiser gets a nice response. It has been a huge honor to represent STL as a Designer / illustrator and someone who loves going to the games. Congrats Adam! Nice work and visibility for a big brand on a local project. – – – Want to see your work featured? Submit it.