“Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand” – New Dead Poet Series by @BrutonStroube


By lauradud84 / / Spring is in the air and you can feel it/smell it/hear it. And now, thanks to Bruton Stroube you can see it… but maybe just a bit different than you’d think. They’re taking a subject matter that they’re quite familiar with – booze & food – and pairing it with passages from poets who are no longer of this earth. The result is a fast moving and strangely curious piece that is the beginning of a Dead Poet Series. Think: recipe videos directed by Guy Ritchie. We’re really excited to introduce “Spring is like a Perhaps Hand,” the first installment of a new project called the Dead Poets Series – short films about drinks and food inspired by poetry. Brace yourself: This isn’t your goat-boy-galloping-down-the-lane-piping-a-piccolo-and-waking-the-daffodils video. Following the rhythm of E.E. Cummings’ “Spring is like a perhaps hand,” this short piece is a dark, creepy cocktail creation with allusions to a leather-booked study setting. The project is marked with interesting camera angles, fixed rigs, and sharp sound design. Put on your Vincent Price lenses and enjoy. Check out their blog for some behind the scenes photos and let them know if you have any poems, drinks or dishes that might pair well together.