A Food Zine for St. Louis – @fmlymeal


By lauradud84 / / Corey Smale recently assembled a small team of designers and photographer Cory Miller to create a love letter to St. Louis food called Fmly Meal. The first issue is an ode to fast food specific to STL. As of two weeks ago they were down to around 30 copies, so if you can still find one at the listed locations below, count yourself lucky. FMLYMEAL is here. A collection of words and images about our favorite foods and the ways they make us feel. FMLYMEAL is limited to 100 copies and available at 5 St. Louis locations: Vintage Vinyl (U City), Star Clipper (Downtown), Union Barbershop (Soulard), Lemon Gem (The Grove), and St. Louis Hop Shop (Cherokee). FMLYMEAL features no ads or sponsors. FMLYMEAL costs five bucks. FMLYMEAL Issue 1: The Fast Food Issue includes stuff from Andy Hille (Rockwell Beer Company), Beth Styles (Lemon Gem), Corey Smale (Concentrate Co.), Ryan McDonald (Good Fortune), Jonathan Moxey (Perennial Artisan Ales), and Liam D. Springer (Be The Most Alive). FMLYMEAL art and layout by SENSATIONALISM. Photography by Cory Miller.