What is Gaslighting? – @Tremendo_us


By lauradud84 / / We’re digging the companion infographic as a static version of the informational video – haven’t seen that before. Tremendousness continues to establish their multimedia abilities as creative teachers and explainers. The term “gaslighting” has seen a spike in searches and mentions over the last year—especially in the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election and in the aftermath—so we decided to help explain it. We know that everything is hyper-political these days—tense, uncomfortable, even hateful. Half the country (or world!) tiptoes around the situation, keeping quiet… while the other half yells loudly, rocked by every tiny tweet or or super-sized scandal. And that half is also split into halves, and each side thinks they’re the good guys. Or at least thinks the other side is the bad guy. Read more about Gaslighting on their blog.