“The Creative Stickup” Podcast Focuses on Creatives in STL & Beyond


By lauradud84 / / Jeff Stevens, a self-labeled ‘creative’, has been religiously producing a podcast focused on other creatives in St. Louis and elsewhere. He’s almost 50 podcasts deep and shows no signs of stopping. I’ve been doing this podcast for a little over a year and have interviewed a fair share of interesting creatives in and out of St. Louis including Tom Townsend, Jack Thorwegen, Ryan Brown, Elizabeth Tucker and more. I also have a great talk with Kacey Cordes Mahrt, the indie mayoral candidate before we knew she was running, my pastor Matt Miofsky of the Gathering, the always plotting and in the news Ed Martin, XPLANER Dave Gray, Jim Harper and others. AND, if that weren’t enough, the beautiful and talented Jen Oertli is the new co host. Check it out here.