‘The Road Thru Warroad’ – @BrutonStroube x @Cannonball_Ad Short for @Enterprise Evolves into 30 Min. @NBCSN Feature


By lauradud84 / / Last year, Bruton Stroube & Cannonball Ad created an incredible documentary short on Warroad, MN and the unique hockey culture that permeates the town. “The film tells the story of Warroad, Minnesota – a small town of less than 2,000 people that has produced seven Olympic hockey players, five NHL players and more than 80 Division I college players.” The film aired on Sunday night in it’s entirety and release it online immediately afterwards. You can watch it below. The mystique of Warroad’s legacy, coupled with Enterprise’s content strategy goals, presented us as a production studio with an exciting challenge. “Creating commercial content is usually very targeted – you always have a clear objective in mind,” says Director Tim Wilson. “What was so freeing about this project was that we were able to let the story guide us. We just kept chasing what we felt like the strongest narratives were.” We continue to find this entire project fairly amazing yet indicative of a new-wave of corporate content producers looking to build an audience. One may argue that this is nothing new as Red Bull, Patagonia and others have been creating content for years that doesn’t have any direct call-to-actions or sales pushes. But with a company like Enterprise jumping into the arena, it shows new willingness to explore interesting stories for the sake of the story – not just a puppet for a 30-minute commercial. One of the best parts about this terrific piece? Enterprise, Cannonball and Bruton Stroube are all based in St. Louis, MO.