“Born the Hard Way” – @Budweiser’s Super Bowl Spot


By lauradud84 / / St. Louisans, and folks in general, are getting all riled up about the latest Super Bowl spot from Budweiser called, “Born the Hard Way”. It depicts a young Adolphus Busch emigrating from Germany, thru New Orleans and ending up the river at St. Louis. It’s about as historically factual as a 60 second commercial cares to be and paints a welcoming picture of immigration when the country’s emotions are at an all time high. The unforeseen genius of focusing on an immigrant’s story to tell the story of the birth of Budweiser will no doubt have AB slapping backs at Anomaly. While the scenes are admittedly dramatized, the artistic license is pretty over-the-top in this situation; Budweiser wouldn’t come around for another 20+ years and wasn’t invented by either Adolphus Busch or Eberhard Anheuser… behold, the magic of Advertising! Otherwise, it’s a decent ad but isn’t very quick or punchy as previous Super Bowl entries. We can imagine the population at large becoming more and more befuddled if this airs near half-time or anytime in the second half. This is most evident in the final line of the commercial, which flips the copy backwards-Yoda style. What do you think as a St. Louisan? Is it a spot to be proud of, or is it just re-appropriated history for the sake of selling more beer?