Top Ten Most Popular Egotist Posts of 2016


By lauradud84 / / Based off of traffic and social media shares, the top ten posts of 2016 ranked in popularity: 1. Our Response to AdClub STL & Joe Leahy “Aside from spending a large chunk of our free time promoting creative work, promoting and organizing free events for the ad community in St. Louis and constantly seeking out and sharing the best that this city has to offer, we’re literally “sharing inspiring stuff” every. fucking. week. And unlike the Ad Club who’s membership base that he mentioned is growing, we don’t collect money from any of you to do this.” 2. 2e Creative is on a Hiring Spree 3. ‘Success Isn’t Just Salary & Titles’ by Tara Nesbitt “For the longest time it would bother me when people would ask “What’s your title?” I don’t have one to this day, but I’m good with that. I do things to add value for those around me, whether it’s through my job or various projects. Many people think their title is the be-all and end-all of their duties, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take initiative. Be proactive, not reactive. Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission.” 4. STL Addy’s Forum “Each agency pack is so different. Some are there to see good work and find out if they won. Others are there just to drink and talk. Which is why half the crowd was noisy and the other half pissed off about it.” 5. Can Someone Please Explain the Normal Brand to Us? 6. Agency Insider: Happy Medium 7. Passion Is Resolute – Side Project Skateboards 2016 Campaign & Lookbook by Brian Cummings 8. How to Get People to Actually Care About Your Work by Ben Noble “There are only two ways to share your work with the world and get other people to pay attention — by going big or going small. And unless you have Scrooge McDuck sized pockets, going big, while it may seem cool and flashy, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” 9. “Learn to Play. Learn to Learn.” – New Spot for The Magic House by Rodgers Townsend & Bruton Stroube 10. ‘One Giant Rollout’ Spot for Enterprise feat. Joel McHale – Cannonball x 90 Degrees West x The Big Tree