“The Ninety Days of Christmas” – 360º Video Holiday Greeting from @90DegreesWest


By lauradud84 / / First 360-Video we’ve seen from a local studio. Glad to see someone testing out new abilities and technologies on their Holiday Card. Be sure to check out on your smartphone or 360 enabled browser. View it here. 90 Degrees West just released its 2016 Holiday Greeting in the form of a 360° animated video. It was a 90 team effort, with concept, animation, sound design and even all of the elf voice talent coming from within the studio. Our animation team was determined to put the 360° capability to good use and the overall concept motivated the viewer to look around. Our sound design team knocked themselves out, plunging headfirst into the world of 360 spatial audio, which further invites the viewer to take advantage of the 360 capability. From 90 Degrees West…Happy Holidays to All! Now, break out the headphones or earbuds, turn up the volume and enjoy “The Ninety Days of Christmas.”