“Hanging Out With Ghosts” – @kidthetraveler Music Video by @iamdanielwilson


By lauradud84 / / Here’s a piece by local producer/director Daniel Wilson for Orlando-based artist Kid the Traveler. Undeniably great visuals of the local and surrounding areas – there are some gems of locations included in this video. The concept doesn’t really click until the final part of the song, but the footage alone is worth the watch. This piece was filmed in Downtown STL, over in Illinois and in Farmington. Credits Directed by Daniel Wilson Director of Photography Darren Streibig Edited by Daniel Wilson & Darren Streibig

  1. Anonymous November 26, 2016

    Obviously regrets a broken romance and pictures his lost love in all of their haunts. I thought it was portrayed well and had the feeling that if he had been capable of change things could've been different. Story of life and regrets.