People with Down Syndrome Answer the Most Asked Questions about Down Syndrome


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Learning that an unborn child has Down syndrome can be a confusing and stressful time for parents, who usually have only ten days to decide how to proceed with the pregnancy following the diagnosis. They often have many questions about what Down syndrome means to them and their child — When will they walk? When will they talk? How long will they live?

Invariably, they will turn to Google for answers and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society is meeting them there with “Down Syndrome Answers” — a series of short videos that feature people with Down syndrome answering parents’ most-asked questions.

Beginning November, and coinciding with the start of Canadian Down Syndrome Week (Nov. 1-7), whenever someone in Canada Googles a question about Down syndrome, the answer video will appear as a search result, providing honest and powerful answers to tough questions.

Strong work from FCB Canada. See the whole campaign here.