Former Local Agency CD Chris Aguirre Once Promoted Booze, Now Promoting Addiction Recovery with @KLENandSOBR


By lauradud84 / / Here’s quite a story of former ad agency CD Chris Aguirre who went from marketing alcohol at the likes of Zipatoni and Momentum before pulling a 180 in order to help support those who have kicked booze and other drugs out of their lives for good. Definitely a tightrope to walk in this industry, but something that should be focused on more heavily – especially in our local scene. Granted, we’re no teetotalers and we like/promote/throw boozy events, but true addiction is another beast altogether that needs to be stopped before it ruins your life, or someone else’s. Using creative talent developed over decades in advertising, marketing and brand development at agencies like Zipatoni, idea/mob, Momentum, Brand Affairs Dept. and insight gained over 17 years in recovery, Chris Aguirre has formed, KLĒN + SŌBR, a multi-faceted project created to support people in all stages of recovery from any and all substances to maintain their abstinence, sobriety and recovery. Over the past few years, Chris Aguirre wondered how he could best support those already in recovery with solidarity, understanding and the respect they’re due. The result is the ever-evolving KLĒN + SŌBR Project. The cornerstone of the KLĒN + SŌBR Project is The Since Right Now Podcast, a weekly podcast featuring Chris’ co-host and long-time friend and brother-in-recovery, Jeff S., currently Chief Creative Officer at a local St. Louis agency. They’ve recently added a third voice to the podcast in, Matt G, a recently-sober long-time friend also in the biz. In addition to the podcast, the website features Recovery Stories and Insights by people from across the spectrum of addiction and recovery experience and those in related fields. Both Mr. Aguirre, Jeff and Matt all spent many years working on brands like Rolling Rock, Miller Genuine Draft, Woodford Reserve Whiskey and Anheuser-Busch’s complete portfolio. Chris says, “There’s still a lot of misunderstanding and stigma attached to addiction and, to a large degree, recovery. I want others to know there’s no shame in having this thing we have. Sobriety and recovery should be celebrated and supported.”


  1. Anonymous February 25, 2015

    Kudos to Chris for making a
    Kudos to Chris for making a difference. Big ups…

  2. Chris February 25, 2015

    Thanks, Anonymous! I
    Thanks, Anonymous! I appreciate it.