Site Redesign for @HalskiStudio


By lauradud84 / / We’re proud to announce the second website redesign and launch announcement for another smaller creative outfit this week, Halski Studio. As we mentioned earlier, studios of Halski’s size tend to be the creative lifeblood in a city like ours. With this new redesign, the site serves simply as a platter to digest their stylish work and any internal branding is pleasantly set aside. Although it has served us well, our previous site was long overdue for a refresh. We thought what better way to celebrate the studio’s 2nd anniversary than with a fresh site. Atomicdust killed it for us. They gave us exactly what we wanted, a clean but engaging site where our positioning is clear, and the work speaks for itself. Although we still have plenty of work to load, we couldn’t be more excited with our new home.


  1. Jake Edinger September 17, 2012

    Looks great, Halskis. I
    Looks great, Halskis. I agree. It’s nice to dive right into the work, especially when the work is as strong as yours is. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. David Vordtriede September 17, 2012

    Well done! From the work to
    Well done! From the work to the photography and the site design it all looks great! Nice job Halski and Atomicdust.

  3. Almanac September 18, 2012

    Very cool, nice work guys!
    Very cool, nice work guys!