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By lauradud84 / / Saw this promo spot for Sauce Magazine today and noticed some nice glory shots of St. Louis by Greg Kiger of Once Films and some positive words on local business by Dan Kopman of Schlafly. Sauce is looking like a much better/more professionally produced magazine these days since Feast raised the ante last year with their consistently beautiful and eye catching monthly food magazine. We’re looking forward to see what else Sauce has planned as well as future work from Mr. Kiger and Once.

Sauce Magazine from Greg Kiger on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous March 8, 2011

    Anyone else find it odd that
    Anyone else find it odd that Once Films seems to be trying to take credit for work they didn’t do (I’m referring to a few of the videos in the blog area)? These bumpers with commentary and not giving obvious and due credit to the originator seems pretty sketchy. And signing off with things like “Call us today to find out how we can bring your brand story to life.” after a piece that you didn’t produce, just makes it worse.

    Is it just me? Thoughts anyone?

  2. jdxpl March 8, 2011

    Really elegant and well put
    Really elegant and well put together piece, nice work!

  3. Once Films March 11, 2011

    Hi Anonymous, if that’s your
    Hi Anonymous, if that’s your real name 🙂

    Yes, on our video blog section we feature great work, by us and others. While we have won an Addy and my mom says we are the very best, we strive to inspire visitors at our site with ground breaking and effective use of video; whether we did it or not.

    From our perspective its not about us but more about raising the bar and offering a blog that’s actually of value to our readers.

    We do try to label things clearly as in “shot by an internationally acclaimed motion picture film director Joe Berlinger and his first rate production company” but you probably have a point – we could do better.

    Will update the copy so its crystal clear, should be changed by tomorrow at lunch. After that though it’s time for bike riding; sunny and 62 degrees tomorrow ya know 🙂


    Greg Kiger