Featured Creative: Rob Hutti


By lauradud84 / / Looking at Rob Hutti’s portfolio, you feel a connection somehow – it’s hard to explain but you just feel like you’ve know him for a while and that he’s that friend who’s always been working on fun projects in his spare time and a designer who really likes design and communication. Poking around his online presence, you find out all sorts of interesting things, that he dabbles in pretty funny copywriting for McDonalds, that he majored in journalism, and that his homepage is more engaging than a good percentage of the established firms out there. While most art directors get their job and are comfortable to rest on their fat asses earning a paycheck, it seems that Mr. Hutti is most certainly not. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of his:


  1. Brad Gutting October 6, 2010

    Great stuff. On the Grand
    Great stuff. On the Grand Canyon poster…I’d be interested to see how that could work as a larger campaign for all national parks. It’s cool.

  2. robhutti October 7, 2010

    Cheers Egotist. Thanks for
    Cheers Egotist. Thanks for the feature.

  3. Emily Klasing October 8, 2010

    Rob is an amazingly talented
    Rob is an amazingly talented dude and a great all-around person. Easy to work with too, excluding his desire to play mash-ups at high volumes. JK, bro! I’m super glad to see him featured here. Hooray Hutti!

  4. Anti-Agency October 8, 2010

    Agree with Brad – I want that
    Agree with Brad – I want that poster. Bad. But only for all the parks I’ve been too thus far. If they meet our approval, we will take you out to Blues City Deli.

  5. David Johnson October 9, 2010

    Props to you, my friend!
    Props to you, my friend!

  6. Jon Falk February 17, 2011

    Nice profile on Rob. I really
    Nice profile on Rob. I really like the look of his stuff. He is a true talent. In addition to his beer hobby, I am sure more great work is brewing.