• ‘6ix’: Mother’s Brewing Co. Parodies ‘Se7en’ with Doug Pitt – Locke and Stache

    by / May 8, 2019 /

    Surprisingly good parody from Mother's Brewing out of Springfield, Missouri. Doug Pitt is Brad's brother who kept his acting (and philanthropy) chops in Missouri instead of heading out to Hollywood. 

    Mother's found inspiration for our new brew, Doin' Good, in Springfield's own other brother Doug Pitt; founder of Care to Learn and all around good guy. To that end, we feel good sending a portion of package sales their way.

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  • “Cheer” – Holiday Video from @BrutonStroube

    by / January 2, 2019 /

    We slacked on getting this up before Christmas, but thought it still worthwhile to share. From the current and forever champions of the holiday card, Bruton Stroube produced, shot, directed, etc. this short film that tries to spread the holiday cheer. It may be even more important to remember to spread (holiday) cheer now that we're all back in the thick of working in our cubicles.


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  • ‘Clementina’ Highlights @ClementinesSTL Ice Cream Truck in Over-The-Top Maker Film Fashion – Polyphony Films

    by / October 9, 2018 /


    Here's a clever concept that caught us off guard at first – spoofing maker films to promote Clementine's ice cream truck. Thanks to Brett Crow of the soon-to-be launched Polyphony Films for giving a detailed look into the spot.

    This is a production we (Polyphony Films, branding, website, etc. still being put together in the coming weeks) produced locallyWe partnered with BYK Digital Marketing to push this through social channels. We are a smal[Read More]

  • Now Hiring Locally: Designer – Bonfyre

    by / August 17, 2018 /

    Bonfyre is hirin[Read More]