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Recommended Reading: Selling to the VP of NO

by / September 28, 2011 / We’re not one to push products, or more specifically books. That’s Oprah’s job. But this is a book that’s seriously relevant and useful to those of us working hard to sell creative to clients who are afraid to buy or may think they don’t need what you have to offer. Penned by XPLANE’s founder and St. Louisan David Gray, XSelling to the VP of NO makes the art of selling somethin[Read More]

An Ad So Bad, It Might Be Good

by / July 6, 2011 / If you’ve seen the new Trojan Vibrations TV commercial, you know what we’re talking about. It’s bad. Poor concept, acting and writing, and it’s difficult to watch with any family members in the same room. It’s even a notch below a 5-Hour Energy drink commercial. But is it designed to be so terribly bad that it’s actually good? Giving credit where it’s due, the ad is very effective[Read More]

Design Week Day 2: Design for the Planet #STLDW

by / April 19, 2011 / After last night's rip-roaring circus extravaganza kick-off, St. Louis Design Week continues with a two-part evening. First up: an engaging program on sustainable design, presented at Cannon Design’s spectacular headquarters in downtown St. Louis. Cannon will open up their incredible one-of-a-kind space, give guided tours and share the story of their LEED Gold building. If you haven't bee[Read More]

God Bless St. Louis

by / July 26, 2010 / We happened upon this surprisingly good destination video for St. Louis this morning and felt compelled to share it with everyone. As you may know, we have much pride in our city and would like to communicate this with honesty. We also feel that St. Louis should lose the stigma of trying to "catch up" with bigger cities and embrace our charm and uniqueness so that the big cities desire the wonderf[Read More]

Life in a Day Filming Tomorrow. Location: Everywhere.

by / July 23, 2010 / We just fell upon this project recently and find it strange that we haven't heard more. Seems that Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald and YouTube are teaming up to make an experimental documentary based off of footage shot by everyone in the world (more specifically, the YouTube community). The Life in a Day project will be introduced at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and on YouTube as well. Seein[Read More]

What Can Creatives Do on a Wednesday Night in the Summer?

by / July 21, 2010 / In a similar vein of yesterday's post about open studios last night, we find ourselves wanting to share some of the fun activities that happen on a Wednesday night in St. Louis. We know some of you recent transplants still find that St. Louis just isn't your type of town and it's not as cool as LA, SF, NY, AUS, BOU, DEN, ATL, blah blah blah and that's just straight up not true. We've always said, [Read More]

Open Studios Reception at Contemporary… Tonight!

by / July 20, 2010 / Tonight marks the beginning of 2010 Open Studios at the Contemporary Art Museum downtown. The website offers up all the pertinent info: CITY-WIDE OPEN STUDIOS is a week-long event that spotlights the community of working artists in St. Louis. Free and open to the public, Open Studios offers the public a unique opportunity to explore the creative spaces where artists work and to enjoy one of the mo[Read More]

Technisonic Goes Animatronic

by / July 19, 2010 / When local production shop Technisonic was asked by Adamson Advertising to help produce their Missouri Lottery piece, they found their answer with a little help from Disney Theme Park Rides, the Showbiz Band, and of course, the Caddyshack gopher. That's right, animatronics! The creepy, pneumatic technology which gives otherwise inanimate stuffed animals "real life" was used to humorous effect[Read More]