Short Film Premiere: On the Buddha’s Path – Compassion in Action (St. Louis)

September 7, 2018
07:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Winifred Moore Auditorium, Webster University 470 E. Lockwood Ave (Webster Groves) St. Louis, MO 63119
Tzu Chi USA Foundation

Tzu Chi USA and Inside Dharma are celebrating compassion in action by presenting stories about Socially Engaged Buddhism in the United States and beyond. Helping those in need is vital in today’s unbalanced and turbulent world. We can all play a part in spreading and practicing the wisdom of altruistic service. Join our film screening event and let’s inspire each other!

FEATURING “Second Chances”
Recently released inmates often find themselves alone, with less than $10 in hand and no job prospects to sustain their lives. The onslaught of challenges they face trying to reintegrate into society is daunting, and close to half end up back in prison within five years. In St. Louis, Missouri, thanks to a far-seeing non-profit, ex-offenders are getting a second chance. Led by Kalen McAllister, an ordained Buddhist priest and former chaplain with the Missouri Department of Corrections, Inside Dharma’s compassionate and comprehensive outreach is turning lives around, giving birth to self-esteem and a renewed place in the world for people yearning to start over.

Short Film “Compassionate Chaplaincy”
Each student of the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy program has a calling to relieve suffering. Join the graduation ceremony of the latest group and see how deeply everyone takes this mission to heart. Roshi Joan Halifax, the Zen priest, teacher, and scholar who heads this visionary program at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is equally passionate about their path. Bear witness to the emergence of Bodhisattvas – trained to be of altruistic and compassionate service while leading to systemic transformation through their wisdom and presence – leaving for horizons where they’ll shine the light of loving-kindness in their chosen fields of work.

Short Film “Finding Liberation in Trauma”
For Justin von Bujdoss, places of intense suffering are where we can find liberation. As a Buddhist teacher, volunteer, and chaplain, he has chosen to bring relief through meditation and a non-judgmental compassionate presence to sites where we confront violence, death, fear, sadness, and grief. Currently Staff Chaplain at Rikers Island, he serves the spiritual needs of correctional officers. Follow as he travels between the prison, where tension is constant; home, where his family awaits; and his Dharma classes, when he often takes students to practice in cemeteries, a longstanding Buddhist tradition that allows difficult emotions to be provoked.

Narrative Film “The Peace Inside”
Sometimes, bad decisions can have tragic repercussions. For A-Peng, a young man recently arriving in the United States from China and not speaking a word of English, a poor choice of friends led to a lengthy prison sentence. Unable to cope with this shocking turn of events, he aims to end his life. And yet, a fateful intervention puts Judy, a volunteer from Tzu Chi USA in his path. This dramatic film presents the true story of a friendship that spans twenty years and continues, revealing how Buddhist wisdom can lead to inner transformation, bringing peace and solace to even the most troubled heart.

All proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit Laughing Bear Bakery.
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