What I Learned in 2013 #23: John Hendrix

by / January 24, 2014 /

Over the last few years, twitter has become my virtual studio. As an illustrator who works alone in my studio most of the time, I have become marginally obsessed with the community of artists and illustrators I follow. After I reread my twitter feed from the last year, I was reminded of a few things I learned over the last year.

What I learned in 2013 (according to my twitter feed @hendrixart)

1. Easy solution for enjoying your illustration career: Don[Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #22: Jake Edinger

by / January 24, 2014 /

I look forward to ADDYs night every year. 2013 was no different.

Actually, I take that back. It was very different. As different as an annually recurring event could be. The ADDYs were supposed to be bigger this year.

A whole week of activity was planned around the show. We added an entire lineup of educational panels. We booked social gatherings on three of the nights. We brought back a printed book of winners. We made it a live presentation of awards instead of a reel. We cr[Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #21: Linda Solovic

by / January 23, 2014 /

What have I learned this year? Every year seems to bring lots of learning, especially in my personal life. However, last year, I went back to school. I did not go to a university nor take a traditional course. No, I took my first e-course called Make Art That Sells by Lilla Rogers, one of the most respected reps of art licensing. The course was broken into two parts, a 5 week session in June and a 5 week session in October. I took the course to learn more about how to license my art. But I al[Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #20: Joe Bishop

by / January 23, 2014 /

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away

I have three little girls. The two older ones needed a trip to Disney World before it lost it’s magic. The 6 month old was up for whatever. So off we drove to Orlando. It was awesome. It was way more fun than I expected. Towing a 6 month around was no problem. After all, we had one of those pumpkin seat strollers. It worked well, but they’re so bulky. Our last day at the park, the kids where in the pool at the other end of the [Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #19: Rob Hutti

by / January 23, 2014 /

It's not you, it's me.

Years ago I heard an interesting musing about financial success that I thought translated well to our industry. Put simply, a person’s value can be directly attributed to the company he or she keeps.

I loved this idea. It became the engine that propelled me to the next stage of my career. It was my mission to surround myself with talent. Thinking talent. Design talent. Top talent.

I locked in. Worked on my personal brand and so[Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #18: Kevin Kelly

by / January 22, 2014 /

One of the first things I’m asked in most social interactions is, “What do you do?”, meaning: what do you do for a living, what’s your job, how in the hell do you make money? I’ve typically struggled to answer this question in the expected bite-size way because I myself am not really one-hundred-percent sure of what I do for a living.

Normally I just say, “I don’t really do anything,” which typically gets a laugh and ironically leads to a more in-depth conversation –[Read More]

What I Learned in 2013 #17: Kathy Sprehe

by / January 22, 2014 /

It seems the adage, “the days are long, the years are short” really applies to this past year. It seemed like a highly productive year but I can’t believe it’s already 2014. Having gone by in a flash, here’s what I learned in 2013:

Having two kids isn’t twice as much work as having one… but it’s close.

There’s a fine-line between keeping current and getting distracted.
Finding the balance is key both professionally an[Read More]