How To Get People To Actually Care About Your Work

by / May 3, 2016 /

It was Monday morning, and I was running late. Of course, the highway was packed.
I made my way through traffic, trying to focus as I aggressively changed lanes (I’m a terrible driver), but something distracted me. Something caught my eye. A small, white banner hanging from the overpass.

Printed on the banner were four, large letters — the name of some new app, as indicated by the iTunes Store logo. I’d tell you the name of the app if I remembered it. But I don’t. [Read More]

Agency Insider: Happy Medium

by / April 7, 2016 /

Company Name:
happyMedium LLC.

Year Founded:

Physical Location:
3141 Locust St. Louis MO 63103

Online Location:

Brief History:
Missouri’s favorite son said, "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid tha[Read More]

Success Isn’t Just Salary & Titles

by / February 29, 2016 /

Recently, my father asked me if I had something measurable to show for the past four years of my career. Something – a number, a title, an award – to prove that I’d found success.

It was an interesting question. Success by definition is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Most people measure their success by their title or their salary. Granted, I don’t have a clearly defined title at Atomicdust or millions of dollars in the bank, but I have a deep understanding of my val[Read More]

Advertising Has a Part To Play In America’s Gun Violence

by / October 9, 2015 /

A big part actually.

I already hear people bitching, whining, cocking shotguns in my general direction, and that’s to be expected when you start pointing the finger; especially when the finger is pointed our way.

But hold on. This thought may not be as ridiculous as it first appears. In fact, the more I talk to people about it (and I mean people who are actually open to debate, not the uber-right wing, NRA extremists who refuse to acknowledge the fault of guns in any mass sh[Read More]

The Creative Team Taboo: Who’s the Better Half?

by / May 6, 2015 /

For all their ubiquity in agencies, creative teams are their own secret universe where very few outsiders are invited.

The rest of the agency sees the ideas, the outside world sees the finished work, but who inside the team was responsible for what? Who cracked the idea, the line, the execution? Only the team itself knows. Or do they?

Ask them independently and each half would claim the lion's share of the credit, adding up to a combined contribution of around 160%. Nonsense o[Read More]

You Are Here. The Importance of Saint Louis Addy Week.

by / February 12, 2015 /

I remember the first time I attended an AIGA Saint Louis board meeting. I had no idea what to expect. Admittedly, I was a little nervous. I imagined the room would be filled with people uniformed in black turtlenecks and dark-rimmed glasses. Instead, there was talk of budgets and schedules and planning the next design-related event for the St. Louis creative community.

I can’t remember exactly how the conversation started. I was probably giving my usual “What’s the point of [Read More]

The Worst Creative Idea in St. Louis of 2014

by / December 18, 2014 /

The 250th Anniversary of St. Louis, which started off with a handful of unremarkable festivities and proceeded to peter out halfway thru the year with equally unremarkable events, is finally coming to an end. And while it has been a landmark year of our city in the news, there are quite a number of different ways we could've gained national spotlight that would've been a better entry into our Wikipedia page.

[Read More]