‘Clementina’ Highlights @ClementinesSTL Ice Cream Truck in Over-The-Top Maker Film Fashion – Polyphony Films


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Here’s a clever concept that caught us off guard at first – spoofing maker films to promote Clementine’s ice cream truck. Thanks to Brett Crow of the soon-to-be launched Polyphony Films for giving a detailed look into the spot.

This is a production we (Polyphony Films, branding, website, etc. still being put together in the coming weeks) produced locallyWe partnered with BYK Digital Marketing to push this through social channels. We are a small production company comprising of a Director/DP and assorted freelancers.

While Clementine’s thrives across multiple storefronts in St. Louis, they also offer a mobile solution to reach new customers at food and drink events, and event catering through their vintage ice cream truck, thoughtfully named Clementina. Pushed through social media, awareness of the truck and services was there, but it wasn’t presented in an engaging or exciting way.

While pitching the concept, we sought to blend the high-brow finesse of the all too common “maker piece” with subtle narrative, more of a distinct edge and arc, and scenes of intimate customer interaction. We wanted to elevate the brand to new visual heights, and to energize fans of Clementine’s with the prospect of treating their friends, families, and guests, to the best ice cream in the world.

What first culminated was a basic story line; an emphasis on passion, handcrafting, and satisfying customers. A satirical hint of shade thrown at “craft” films littered across Vimeo. Storyboards came together to depict dramatic lighting in the first portion — a tinge of grit and low key lighting. In the climactic arc, we wanted to amplify the edge, and depict the (albeit, slow) ice cream truck as a race car, which would only be successful through powerful sound design, deliberate shot size decisions, and fast cuts in post. In the final scene, we wanted to powerfully portray our lead with epic hero shots, and also give a subtly lighthearted conclusion to the tension built throughout the balance of the film.

The end result was a film that not only captured audience imagination and excitement through social media, but also garnered a significant boost in reservations for the mobile creamery at weddings, food festivals, birthdays, and more. In addition, local media coverage increased, dramatically boosting consumer awareness of the truck, and the bespoke creamery as whole.


  1. Rob Hamilton October 13, 2018

    This is hilarious. Now I’m itching for some of that delicious clementine’s ice cream.

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