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Company Name:
happyMedium LLC.

Year Founded:

Physical Location:
3141 Locust St. Louis MO 63103

Online Location:

Brief History:
Missouri’s favorite son said, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

This will be short.

The company has been around for 5 years. We started out doing typical digital agency work, much of it for the larger agencies in STL that didn’t have the digital horsepower. Lots of branded websites and iOS apps. In the summer of ’14 we pivoted and started down a MUCH better path that has led to a more stable and competent company. We get to call the shots and work on what we feel is worth while. We are very lucky.

Company Philosophy:
If we build something that you don’t want to tell your friends or mom about, then we probably didn’t do our job.

We tend to build mobile applications, physical components that talk to mobile applications, or websites that provide some sort of UTILITY for the user.

Client List:
Current work includes: Anheuser Busch/InBev, Bunge North America, Edward Jones, Midwest Helicopters, Moosejaw, Orvis Outfitters, Warby Parker, Plain Louis, some secret ones I can’t talk about…

Previous clients, well, that list is long and some of those folks I want to forget but there were some great big awesome brands in there. Even the odd defense company or two. I think I’d like to go back to work for the defense industry this year.

Big brands provide budgets to do crazy things, smaller start-up-y stuff allows us to experiment. For a young agency we have a great roster and what’s coming in ’16 is blowing my mind. Again, we got lucky.

Personnel Count:
12 and desperately looking for more. Help! Call me.

Best Achievements in the Last Year:
We just sold a patent that we’ve been working on for 15 months. It’s the 4th patent that we’ve had a role in – but this one… this was all us. I’m excited to see where it will go and how it will impact the world around us. That sounds like lofty bullshit but it’s a big deal for the environment and I can’t believe we’re going to play a part in it. How did this happen?!?

Much of our work I can’t talk about (we work, almost exclusively, on products or campaigns that are on the downlow or provisional patents) BUT most of it will impact how people interact with healthcare or the environment… that’s pretty cool. I’m not referring to a brochure for a healthcare company, I’m referring to something that provides a medical evaluation from that tiny little super computer in your pocket.

While it’s not traditional marketing it is in a way. It all points back to if you want to tell someone about a product or company, Net Promoter Score… That’s what I like about hM, we’re working on things that will provide a utility, it’s not just another billboard. I want to make beautifully designed applications that take care of you.

Lastly… this is a personal one for sure. I enjoy outdoors, ultra light camping, riding dirtbikes in far off deserts, fishing in remote streams, flying helicopters… generally getting away from everything. We’re on an iOS project that will send us out into Nowhere, Utah for 2 weeks to shoot content. We are literally getting paid to go on vacation and camp, climb, kayak, etc… WTF.

3 Things The World Doesn’t Know About happyMedium That It Should:
1.) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS BLOG POST. I know this sounds like agency wank but I work with amazingly talented people, engineers, PhDs, hackery types, beardies, designers… The world doesn’t need to know (and certainly doesn’t give a shit) but the people I work with should know and understand this: you people mean the world to me. Thank you for spending your time at hM.

2.) For a young firm we’ve gotten to work for some smart folks and leaders in industry. Why some of these people who are always on the cover of Inc. or Fast Company want to talk to little old us is beyond me. I wake up every day wondering how we got so lucky. [Humble brag]

3.) We’d like to hire you. I want to put together the best and the brightest and I hope they run free – doing the things the firm you are at now won’t let you. You know who you are, I’ve tried to recruit you before and I’m doing it again. Come work on some awesome stuff with us. The client possibilities are endless and when you get bored of that, work on our internal projects – they are equally awesome.

Our Space

Our Work
So, here is the part where the Egotist asked that I show 3-5 hunks of work… I’m sorry I can’t do that. Warby Parker isn’t going to let me show you what we built for them. That patent I referred to up above, I can’t talk about it yet. That new AB site we’re on, nope. That super secret app that will help you do X… sorry. Instead of that here are some videos and check out the office tumblr or our new hotness: – Sorry I can’t show you anything cool…


  1. Anonymous April 10, 2016

    I like how desperate they are
    I like how desperate they are to sound important, it’s cute.

  2. Dan April 10, 2016

    Classic Anonymous!
    You are

    Classic Anonymous!
    You are the cutest and cuddliest of the trolls.
    We love you! Never change!

    (Spako is this you?)

  3. Mike Spakowski April 13, 2016

    (Not me, no.)
    (Not me, no.)

  4. Anonymous May 24, 2017

    Effing brilliant D
    Effing brilliant D