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You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here and the reason the site’s been slow to post over the last week or so. While the design appears to be an evolution — not a revolution — there are quite a few solid updates we’d like you to know about that may not be obvious at first glance.

Here’s What We’ve Done:

Member Profiles – We chose not to migrate member profiles from the old site. There were many spam accounts and because you can build such a richer profile on this new version, the old way simply didn’t transfer.

With the new profile pages, each member essentially has their own mini Egotist website to build out as a portfolio. You can add videos alongside images, write about your work in detail and include as many work pieces as you choose. We also now delineate between individuals and companies, so people looking for your services can more easily find you.

As a member, you can now pay a nominal fee to have your profile featured prominently across the site for a week (or more if you choose) for added visibility.

Set Up Your Member Profile Here
Feature Your Profile Across the Site Here

Jobs – We’re proud of the strength of our job board and seek to maintain its prominence in helping connect great Missouri talent to great Missouri agencies. For a small fee, a new feature allows companies to display their job post across highly trafficked areas of the site to increase reach.

Check Out the Latest Jobs Here
Post Your Job and Feature It Across the Site Here

Events – We’ve built out a new area dedicated to events designated for us in the creative industry. You can now post your own events in detail and we’ll point visitors to them throughout the site.

Check Out Upcoming Events Here
Post Your Events Here

And More – Still intent on our original mission to promote the best talent and work in St. Louis and surrounding areas, we invite you to join our reinvigorated effort by submitting your work on an ongoing basis. 

Submit News, Work & Talent Here

Thanks for being here. Let’s get this thing really cooking again. 


  1. anonymous April 25, 2018

    Did you find better writers or at least someone with an opinion worth sharing?

  2. thesaintlouisegotist April 25, 2018

    Feel free to submit your own writings and opinions.

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