Seattle's Best Reinvents Itself

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How is it that a coffee can be called the "Best" and have the same birthplace as Starbucks? We're not sure, but we particularly like this new identity. It is bold, modern and unique.

The identity design was a partnership between Seattle-based Creature and Michael Cina Associates.

For a more detailed project description, head on over to Brand New.


I believe Michael Cina was a collaborator on this project as well.

Great catch, thank you. We've updated the post.

Wells, I'm glad that I read the brief, because I wasn't feeling the new ID when I first laid eyes on it. Now I can appreciate their direction. Indeed, it's bold and dare I say robus! I just hope it doesn't go the way of Tropicana's failed redesign from last year. Their move towards simplicity was not appreciated.

I like the simple design... but it sort of reminds me of a blood drive.

Worse. It reminds me of a Gas Station.

A very cleanly designed gas station, but petrol none the same.

Starbucks has been pushing the SB brand further into the foreground by partnering with Burger King recenty.

I wonder what the grand plan is there.

On BrandNew's review of the rebrand one of the stated goals was to move it from specialty into utility/household/common I think this does that well.
It pulls out all the character, yes. But it makes it accessible to new customers. It's very non-threatening.

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