UMSL to Offer Digital & Social Media Certificates

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Great news for all those young freshman shipping off to uni who want to be a Social Media Manager when they grow up! In all seriousness, UMSL seems to have compiled a list of respectable courses and skill-sets that would well suit a budding marketer much more than any Communication Theory 101 classes that we can remember taking back in the day.

Pair this certificate with a BA in Graphic Design or a Web Dev degree and you're pretty much set to get your first job in the quickly growing startup community developing here.

Consumers are changing the way they communicate with and research brands, and brands are changing the way they promote & engage with consumers. We are embracing these digital technologies to communicate in ways that were inconceivable just a few short years ago.

We are shifting our attention from traditional media marketing to internet, wireless devices, and other digital platforms. Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. As such, today’s marketers must be well versed in many areas including:

• Social media listening techniques and tools
• Web tracking techniques, tools and dash boarding
• Key performance indicators
• Issues of campaign attribution
• ROI calculations
• Ad serving networks and audience measurement techniques
• Mobile marketing strategies
• Content development strategies
• Email marketing techniques for customer retention
• The old “siloed” marketing roles are breaking down. Marketers of today are expected to handle a wide variety of roles including software and analytics.

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