Coolfire Acquires West Coast @WildEyesProd - Establishes Coolfire West

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We're a little behind on presenting this news, but this merger happened last month and we though it a neat footnote to recent Coolfire news. We can't say we remember many creative companies expanding to either coast.

From Jeff Keane, CEO of Coolfire:

With 10 shows set to air in 2013, Coolfire Originals has grown tremendously since being spun off of Coolfire Media in 2010. With this growth, it became important to establish a presence in Hollywood - Coolfire West. Wild Eyes Productions has a complementary portfolio as well as an exciting upcoming show pipeline, so the deal to form Coolfire West made sense on multiple levels. Wild Eyes Productions’ four employees will join Coolfire Originals’ 21 full-time employees in this acquisition. We are also building out a new production and post-production studio to support our West Coast operations.

Coolfire West does several things for us. First, it gives us a physical presence in close proximity to many of the networks and their executives that live and work in the LA area. Second, Our LA office opens up new markets for Coolfire Media and Coolfire Solutions. Third, it provides access to a large talent pool in the LA area and finally, the LA office also helps validate Coolfire Originals as a legitimate development and production company (in the mind of the industry—not of our own).

We want to make it clear, however, that while it was important for us to establish a West Coast office, St. Louis is and always will be our home. We are finalizing over 25,000 square feet of new office space in downtown St. Louis (bringing our total footprint downtown to ~37,500) that we will be moving into over the coming months. All three Coolfire companies are growing and hiring local talent.

We love that last paragraph especially.
Check out Wild Eyes website & current reel/promo below to get an idea of what sort of talents and skill-sets they've acquired in the merger.


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