• "Front Window" - Second Short Film from @KatiePizzaPasta

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    Here's the second quizzical short film/commercial/homage from Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria… View the first one here - our comments from that one apply to both.

    In somewhat related news, Katie's Pizza is actually trending right now on the subreddit /r/CrappyDesign, not because of their website but rather from a scam company that built a shitty fake website and is trying to extort money from them. Real life is stranger than fictional short films sometimes.

    Via @ChelsySaysHi

  • Secrets of a Signwriter

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    A moving portrait about one of the last original signwriters in Wales.


  • Emoji Among Us: The Documentary - @Dissolve

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    Yet another clever use of selling stock video by the Dissolve folks.

    Emoji have become an inescapable part of our daily lives. This short film examines the far-reaching impact of these very special characters. Can you find the 68 emoji species shown in this video?

  • STONE - @STLSpotlight Shines it's Light on the Beautiful Work of Sculptor Abraham Mohler

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    In what is probably our favorite film of the series to date, Once Films/STL Spotlight Series focuses on the dramatic yet serene studio and musings of Abraham Mohler. The production team really seems to have found their perfect pitch in all aspects of this piece; it makes for one of the better maker-films we've ever seen.

    The latest short documentary film, STONE, focuses on Abraham Mohler and Sculptor and Stone Carver whose studio is nestled in the Historic Soulard Neighborhood in St. Louis. Mohler works primarily with stone in a contemporary realistic style. “I want to explore what it means to be human,” says Mohler of his work. “Good art has a way of amplifying what is true. It has a way of sounding a note…that we know is true because it vibrates in our soul.”

    Once Films Director, Greg Kiger says, “I am particularly proud of this film because everyone on the team participated in its creation. It is honest and vulnerable and has a piece of each one of us in it.”

    View the rest of the beautiful series here

  • New Storefront Collaboration & Video for @StrangeDonuts

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    Strange Donuts recently collaborated with across-the-street architects, Architectural Design Guild in coming up with their new storefront for the Maplewood location. Barry Greenberg from ADG decided to go with a Mondrian-themed styling for the store front utilizing Strange Donuts brand colors of blue, blue and blue. The result is a nice splash of color on Sutton Blvd. and this video, by Adam Russell from future machine creative, showing how it was done.

  • Nike Helps Brazil Look Past the World Cup to the Olympics in 2016

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    Beautifully filmed and breath-taking; whatever the secret ingredient for super-motivational 60 sec. spots might be, Nike has it in bulk.

    Athletes begin their journey for tomorrow, today. Rio will be waiting.

  • MTV Makes Short Video About St. Louis Revitalization

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    MTV came here recently to check the pulse of what's going on in St. Louis. In return, they gave us this smattering of interviews with some young folks talking about the city and Cherokee Street in particular.

    From the STLBJ article:

    MTV’s Vice President of Insights Innovation, Alison Hillhouse, recently came as part of a five-person team to St. Louis and studied what she calls “generational innovation” going on in the city. Originally from St. Louis, Hillhouse and her team are charged with understanding millennials and then taking that research back to MTV producers, who then use the ideas drummed up from across the country for show development.

    Her team’s visit to Cherokee Street, including Nebula Coworking space and Smalls tea and coffee, reminded Hillhouse of Brooklyn but rawer as innovations in St. Louis are still happening for the first time. The qualitative research found these were reasons millennials found value in St. Louis:
    1. The ability to make an impact—a smaller city gave entrepreneurs the chance to make a significant change with programs like “Sloup."
    2. Space, budget and freedom to experiment: There’s space to try and fail at projects in “beta mode” while living for a low cost.
    3. The city is a blank canvas: Abandoned storefronts, warehouses and cheap, old homes offer a space to revamp.
    4. The emphasis on community: People are nice here — plus the city is small enough to get connected to many of the creative movers and shakers.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: @CoolfireStudios 7th Annual Pinewood Derby - The Wolves of Wood Street

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    Doors open at 6:00pm tonight at Plush in Midtown. Races start at 7:00.
    RSVP & More Details on Facebook.

    Here's 5 minutes of bad-lip reading derby tips if you happen to be real bored right now:

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