Budweiser Opens Up RFP's to Tech Startups

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Budweiser is teaming up with Ad Age as a partner in the Brand Hack that takes place at Ad Age's Digital Conference this Spring: For the uninitiated, Ad Age's Brand Hacks are like speed-dating for startups and marketers. The goal is to bridge the gap between emerging-technology companies and major brands and to start an early-stage dialogue between the two communities.

The areas they are focusing in on are:
- Dual Screen Experience
- Social
- Sports & Entertainment
- Point of Sale
- Other

We can't tell if this is a cool opportunity for a startup sitting on the right concept to be produced or if this is a lightly veiled & desperate attempt for AB to pilfer some shining gem from the startup community to help them sell more shitty beer (shitty beer that we still love to drink). The prizes aren't half bad with a $25,000 win for an experimental project or partnership with Budweiser or Bud Light to bring the idea to life.

Read the full article.

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